CD - Unknown grandeur of Russian Mountains.

It's my pleasure to show you this book about Russian Mountains -

"FORBIDDEN MOUNTAINS" - Найди свою вершину.

"The most beautiful Mountains of Russia and Central Asia",
that is a result of the hard working of mine and Mrs. Paola Pozzoliny with the great help of Mr. Pierre Sicouri, that cooperation I really appreciate.

You can make an order to get this book in English by post

Возможно так же заказать книгу на русском языке.


Rock and ice in the last issue wrote about this book and my WEB site, as a kind of best one about the former Soviet Mountains source of information.

CONTENTS of the book:

Format A4, paper den 130, color photoes - 100, b&w route schemes - 34, b&w maps - 23.

page 6 Preface
page 8 Introduction
page 10 History
page 29 The Western Caucasus
page 35 The Central Caucasus
page 57 CRIMEA
page 59 THE PAMIRS
page 83 The Northeastern Pamirs
page 86 The Central and Northwestern Pamirs
page 95 The Southwestern Pamirs
page 99 THE ALTAI MTS.
page 103 TIEN-SHAN
page 115 Western Tien-Shan
page 120 Northern Tien-Shan
page 122 Central Tien-Shan
page 135 KAMCHATKA
page 139 List of Terms
page 141 Index


Vladimir Abrashkevich, Franco Barbagallo. Anatoliy Beda, Oleg Belialov, Sergei Bondarenko, Sergei Efimov, Sergio Favre, Vladimir Kolomytsev, Vladimir Kopylov, Alexei Korolev. Vladimir Koval, Sergei Kurnikov, Dmitriy Lifanov Alexander Nechaev, Vadim Nevorodn, Paola Pozzolini, Alessandro Quagliolo, Vladimir Rodionov, Viktor Sainov, Ivan Samoilenko, Evgeniy Sedelnikov, Vikior Sedelnikov, Pierre Sicoun, Aiexei Soloviov, Mikhail Shabalin, Alexander Sheinov, Kasbek Valiev, Augusto Vevey, Viktor Volodin, Viktor Yanchenkov, Vladimir Yanochkin.


High Mountains Passes, Moscow, Profizdat, 1990
L.D. Dolgushin, G.B. Osipova, Glaciers, Moscow, Misl, 1989 - Kamchatka
A.F. Naumov, Baksanskaya Dolina (Central Caucasus), Moscow, Fizkultura i sport, 1972
A.F. Naurnov, Chegem-Adirsu (Central Caucasus), Moscow, Fizkultura i sport, 1980 Archive of Library of Museum of Mountaineering, Moscow
Altai - The Golden Mountains, Moscow, Materik, 1993
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Algirdas Knystautas, The natural history of the USSR. Swallow Edition
Limited Vittorio Sella, Dal Caucaso all'Himalaya. Touring Club Italiano
Airone, supplemento al N 144, Giorgio Mondadori Editore


Vladimyr Shataev (Caucasus, Pamir-Alai, Pamir, Tien-Shan, Kamchatka), Viktor Sedelnikov (Tien-Shan, Altai), Vadim Nevorotin (Caucasus, Pamir, Tien-Shan), Vladimir Koval (Altai), Vladimir Kolomytsev (Caucasus, Pamir, Tien-Shan), Ivan Samoilenko (Pamir-Alai), Viktor Salnov (Pamir), Sergei Efimov (Caucasus, Pamir-Alai, Pamir), Sergei Bondarenko (Pamir, Tien-Shan), Alexander Korolev (Caucasus, Tien-Shan. Kamchatka), Egor Timme (Crimea), Kazbek Valiev (Tien-Shan).

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