Climbing Mt. Ushba - the way to "Witches' Sabbath" (map).

More foto of Ushba

The program has Russian slang name “One Diamond among two Pearls”.

This program gives you opportunity

1. to climb Mt. Ushba North, coming via normal route – North Crest .

2. On the way to Ushba plateau – to make additional middle difficulty climbing to Mt. Shkhelda East
with fantastic breathtaking view on Mt. Ushba itself
and great panorama view on Mt. Ushba

3. One the way back – to make easy climbing on Schurovskogo peak .
with another classical Mt. Ushba view .
seen from Schurovskogo peak summit .

The possible time schedule could be as follows -
  • 1-st day. Arriving to Mineral Vody. Meeting. Transfer Elbrus region. Azau. Logovo lodge.
  • 2-nd day. Ice-climbing training – checking ice equipment before climbing. Logovo lodge.
  • 3-rd day. Using ski-lift coming to Elbrus – Karabashi (Barrels) refuge night for acclimatization.
  • 4-th day. Pasukhov rock acclimatization trekking. Karabashi night.
  • 5-th day. Return to Azau. Ushba Climbing preparation. Logovo lodge.
  • 6-th day. Coming to German bivouac in Shkhelda valley – about 8 hours walk.
  • 7-th day. Climbing Garfa col in Shkhelda group. More steep but less dangerouse, then Ushba ice-fall.
  • 8-th day. Possible climbing Shkhelda East peak.
  • 9-th day. Descent to Ushba plateau.
  • 10-th day. Climbing Mt. Ushba. Stay in Ushba plateau.
  • 11-th day. Weather reserved day. Stay in Ushba plateau.
  • 12-th day. Weather reserved day. Stay in Ushba plateau.
  • 13-th day. Climbing Schurovskogo peak. Stay in Ushba plateau.
  • 14-th. Descent to German bivouac. Coming Shkhelda valley down. Return to Azau. Logovo lodge.
  • 15-th. Transfer to Mineral Vody. Flight home.

    The best time season - Middle July.

    Price - upon request. - E-mail