Common information for heli-skiing.

All this programs intended for the persons, who are looking for snow freadom with low avalanch risk and much Fun.

Кавказ, Приэльбрусье, Caucasus, Elbrus region, heli-skiing

Usially One Week program composed minimum of 4 heli-skiing flying days with expectable 16 descents minimum (usually 4 per day minimum) with normally 1000 -1200 m vertical drop each descent.

The quantity of persons are taken by helicopter

** 10-15 persons for normal heli-ski

You should have your own Avalanch beeppers (it's possible to rent) and radio stations for your convenience, but usially avalance danger is low and minimum. We have stable radio connection with rescue service.


There are many variants of free-ride slopes - from easy one till not easy but very interesting. In any case we are not offer extreme or danger slopes, if clients not specially ask for them.
We reserve to us the possibility to take to helicopter one cameraman (usially myself) and one ski or snowboard profeccional rider for foto and video shoot.

All price, details and other information upon the request. E-mail

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