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Кавказ, Приэльбрусье, Caucasus, Elbrus region, heli-skiing in Ullukam

All our Central Caucasus activity is based on the Great Mountain - Elbrus. It’s nice shape mountains, that is splendid for ski and snowboard fun activity all year long. In winter and spring - it’s various heli-skiing programs around, and the best opportunity of ski - snowboard fun in summer time and even in Autumn. At that time it’s nice to have ski snowboard descent from the Summit of Elbrus (5642 m) with fresh snow ride down till 3900 m or more. This activity could be with helicopter use, snow-cat (ratrack) drive from 3900 m till 4800 - 5000 m or by foot.

Also for fun we provide with ice-climbing day tour, supplying necessary equipment for clients (should be specified before). For one day, taken for rest between snowboard safary - it’s really great chance and fun - in January and February.

We can provide you with all necessary tour service, including invitation to Russia - Moscow and Caucasus, meeting, hotel accomodation and transfers in Moscow, all transfers in Central Caucasus, airtickets Moscow - Min. Vody - Moscow, hotel accomodation in Central Caucasus, guides service, rescue service, 2 times (breacfast and dinner) meals and helicopter rent.

We can provide you also with all advertising and publicity photo materials you may need for your purpose to find clients with our cooperation.
Usially we make photo shooting during all our programs and normally clients or Travel agency could expect to have nice good photo for Magazine publication and furthe advertising and publicity in order to find new clients.

Кавказ, Приэльбрусье, Caucasus, Elbrus region, free-ride in Cheget


Money for helicopter, some money for personal use and phone-calls home (not too much). Ski or snowboard ( ski or snowboard could be rented in hotel), Gore-tex suite (or similar), avalanche "Bee-pers" - althow avalanche danger is not too high, better also to have helmet for head, sun-glasses. If you want some ski-tour or climbing adventure - all necessary equipment to be used - or to rent them.

CRIMINAL situation.

Criminal situation in Elbrus region is almost the same, as all over in Russia. If to follow all guides recommendation - criminal risk could be reduced to Zero.

All price, details and other information upon the request.
Caucasus heli-skiing...
Кавказ, Приэльбрусье, Caucasus, Elbrus region, Azau panorama with helicopter Кавказ, Приэльбрусье, Caucasus, Elbrus region, Azau panorama with helicopter