The cost

The cost of climbing Elbrus tour depands upon the group quantity and climbing days. It could be culculated with special request specially for your group.

The cost of tour basically covers all possible needs for the program and usually includes as follows:

* Moscow part.
* Visa support and invitation to Russia.
* Hotel reservation and acomodation in Moscow (3 *** stars) - one night with dinner and breacfast.
* Air tickets: Moscow - Min. Vody - Moscow - with special request.
* Meeting in Moscow with English speaking guide in Sheremetievo II Airport.
* Transfer in Moscow: Sheremetievo-2 Airport - Hotel - Airport to fly Caucasus (Min Vody city).
* Transfer in Moscow: Arriving Airport - Sheremetievo-2 on the way from Caucasus back home.

* Caucasus part.
* Meeting and transfer in Caucasus: Min. Vody - Terskol (Azau) - Min. Vody.
* Special registration in Caucasus region.
* Acomodation in Elbrus region: Logovo lodge (or other hotel with special request) and Refuge "Karabashi" (or Dessel).
* All ski-lift lines upon the program (one in Mt. Cheget and two times in Mt. Elbrus).
* All planned transfers inside Elbrus region ( Mt. Cheget).
* Permission for climbing Elbrus.
* Border control zone permission for visit border Elbrus region valleys.
* GPS navigation in climbing Mt. Elbrus.
* Registration in Mountain Rescue Service.
* Three time meals in Caucasus eria, including in high altitude zone during climbing in Karabashi refuge.
* Meal preparation in the Refuge "Karabashi" in Elbrus.
* Profession mountain high qualification guides - upon group quantity.
* Snow-cat drive from refuge "Karabashi"(3900 m) - maximum till Pastukhov rock (4800 m) in climbing day.

* Snow-cat dive. 30 minutes drive instead of 3-4 hours walk to 4800 m - Once in climbing day using snow-cat drive to Pastukhov rocks - 4800 m (or lower - depends upon snow-ice conditions - it’s very important part, that gives the Great economy of the power in climbing day and real chance to climb!!! - Usually - it’s a kind of “Key” to summit Successes)

The cost of tour includes with additional request:

* Private equipment, rope, gas or petroleum fire, ice hummer,
* Sauna, alcohol.
* Ensurance.
* Not mentioned service.

The cost of tour depands upon the quantity of persons involved in it, period of program, detailed climbing schedule and extra climb and could be changed depending how many days tour lasts.

All additional information via E-mail: E-mail

Additional possibility:

* Flight upon Central Caucasus by the plane (Po-2 model).
* Heli-skiing in Central Caucasus.
* Ice-climbing rest day - for fun (in Winter and early spring).
Climbing Mt. Elbrus & Caucasus ski-tour.