CD_ROM. Heli-skiing in Caucasus.

If Extreme - is "a shape of your heart..."

On Land Rover car on the "Europe' Roof" East Elbrus (5621 m) in Central Caucasus! Action AVTODOM-Elbrus.
My free-style climbing on North Ushba Face in Central Caucasus together with my brather
Solo style climbing up the North face of Mt. Shkhara (5068 m) in Bezengi region Central Caucasus by Alexandr Sheinov
Far Caucasus in solo style with reflection of a mystery of Russian soul. First speedy Russian chempionship in Mountaineering.
Second speedy Russian chempionship in Mountaineering in Fanskie Mountains.
The First Route up the Riumka (Little Glass) on Mt. Zamin-Koror
Third speedy Russian chempionship in Mountaineering in Aksu region.
The North-Eastern Face of Engels (6510 m) peak in South-Western Pamir, first climbed by Sergey Efimov
Solo climb up "Seven-shape" North face of Mt. Donguz-Orun (4468 m) by Alexander Sheinov
Terrible South-west face of Peak Communism climbed by Kazbek Valiev.

To be continued...