Merzbakher's lake
(In the foto to the right) Mertzbakher's lake in glacier of North Engilchek valley
Lake Menbacher M.P. Pogrebefskiy, the first man to set foot on the top of Khan Tengri, called the extraordinary glacial lake in the Tengri Tag, region Lake Gott-friedMenbacher, as a tribute to one of the persons who contributed most to the study of Tien Shan. Not far from the summit of the "Lord of the Spirits," this lake is situated at the junction point between two glaciers, the Severniy (Northern) Engilchek andJudniy (Southern) Engllchek. The lake has two basins on different levels, the surface of which is perennially covered with iceberg and blocks of ice that the atmospheric agents have modelled in bizarre and fantastic shapes - a truly unforgettable spectacle. Merzbakher's lake
(In the foto to the left) Mertzbakher's lake in glacier of North Engilchek valley, seen from the high distance
The upper basin of Lake Merzbacher, with a diameter of about two km, is 400 meters higher than the lower one. The green and blue water of the upper part is separated from that of the lower one by a tongue of land crossed over by a series of rushing torrents. At the beginning, of summer, the lower lake, which is about two kilometers long, has a bottom of compact slime on which lie the ice formations that have broken off from the Severmy Engllchek glacier. In the autumn, when the level of the two lakes is at its height, the water flows under the glacier and downhill.

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