In a memory of those, whose souls remain to fly not visually in a silence of Mountain's Grandeur.

Pamiro-Alai region. (map)

Helicopter flight
(In the foto to the right) The only way to get to these Mountains is to use helicopter flight.
Mysterious, majestic, wild mountain system of Pamiro-Alai, investigated only in a few, is situated in the Middle Asia to south from Ferganskaya valley between Dushanbe and Samarkand towns. With its name to be translated from Percian as "The World's roof Paradise", it's composed of a lot of rock huge bastions, stretching for 800 km between Pamir itself and Tien-Shan along five main ranges: Alaiskiy, Turkestanskiy, Zeravshanskiy, Gissarskiy and Karateginskiy and conventionally divided in four regions such as: Fanskie Mountains together with Zamin-Karor group, Aksu & Sabakh regions, Asan-Usen & Matcha region and finally High Alai (Kok-Su and Dugoba regions), where there are a lot of summits higher 4000 meters and not less then thirty ones are even above 5000 meter.
All this vest region of rock cliffs bastions is similar and reminding in a forms, outlines and in fitures of climbing sometimes even excels other not less popular regions such as Fitz Roy peak in South Patagonia and even its Honour Trango Tower in Karakoram. There are still a lot of unclimbed, untouched and untrodden rock faces and even summits.
The highest point of Pamiro-Alai system is Mt. Skalistiy - 5,621 m above sea level. Mysterious, wild, hardly explored because of the lengthy and difficult approach, this region has many faces and even some summits that to this day have not been climbed. Only less than half of the Turkestanskiy range, one of the five main sectors of the Pamiro-Alai system, has been explored. By moving westwards one can find totally unknown mountains that have been sighted only by helicopters during reconnaissance flights. There are no organised alpine camp facilities; the roads are few and far between as well as narrow and steep, and have no regular connecting service. You can organise bus or truck transportation, but the guide must be an expert from the area because it is easy to get lost here. It is much simpler and safer to use a helicopter at the nearest airport, at Khodzhent (formerly Lenindabad), which is also the ideal starting point for a tour of the lovely Fergana valley
Extremely dificult climbings in all this region coming sometimes beyond the limit are enduring in souls for a long time after.

Fanskie Mountain region
Fanskie mountain - the world of huge rock faces and deep blue lakes
Region of Zamin-Karor in Fanskie Mountains
It lies between the Gissarsky and Zcravshanskiy ranges in an isolated mountain system with eight peaks
Aksu region
Aksu region - one of the most extreme rock towering face world
Asan-Usen region

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To be continued...
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