PRIELBRUSIE - Elbrus region (map).

Caucasus panorama from Elbrus

Elbrus - Karabashi ref
This is the most frequented area in the Central Caucasus. Many lateral valleys converge in the main valley, where the Baksan river flows, and lead to the most famous and beautiful mountains in the Caucasus range, such as the ice shield of Mt. Donguz-Orun (4,468 m), the vertiginous pinnacles of Mt. Shkhelda (4,320 m), the perfect pyramid of Mt. Shchurovskogo (4,239 m), Mt. Chatin (4,368 m) with its celebrated "Rhombus," the peaks that crown the Adil-Su and Adir-Su valleys, legendary Mt. Ushba (4,710 m), and, naturally, Mt. Elbrus itself (3,642 m), the highest peak in Europe. Development in the tourist sector has led to the construction of several hotels along the Baksan river valley, and the dachas that once belonged to the most important Soviet politicians have been transformed into tourist lodgings. The Prielbrusie area is easily reached from Mineral'nye Vody by means of a practicable road that crosses the Kabardinno-Balkaria region and the city of Tyrnyau, goes up the Baksan valley, touching the villages of Elbrus and Terksol, and finally arrives at Azau, the departure point for the Mt. Elbrus telpherage.
Double Elbrus peak (5642 m) - the highest point of Caucasus
Travelling around the kingdom of four- and five thousand meter peaks, imprisoned on ice, You can not miss the highest one. And it does not matter, which part of Great Caucasus to choose. You will be admiring with the view of rising up to heaven double capped Elbrus, towering in its majestic grandeur over lower ranges of snow mountains, inviting You to climb up.
Donguz-Orun (4468 m) - Nakra (4451 m) peaks
Adil-Su valley
Adil-Su valley begins from Elbrus village in Baksan valley, comes to the north to Shkhelda, Elbrus and Dgan-tugan camps 6 km after. Ushba group
Shkhelda valley
It takes 4 hours of trekking from Shkhelda camp with pleasure mountains view around to get to "German bivouac" in upper part of Shkhelda valley. During this trekking Mt. Shkhelda (4320 m) north face looks from the same name valley below like rising up fingers formed of snow and rocks 4000 meters high. And pointed rising up to the heaven pyramid of Shchurovskiy peak (4259 m), on the contrary, is missing from non expert fleeting glance, makes you trekking 2-3 hours up the valley slowly turn over the valley bent, showing you itself.
Mt. Ushba group region
Mt. Ushba (4710 m), which is situated after the Shkhelda valley, is one of the most prestige and well known group of Caucasus all over the world, which is even this time covered with oriole of grandeur and a mystery. There is some hidden reason in its singular and rather disturbing shape, in the grandiosity of its faces, and in its dramatical climbing history, which have formed a myth of the mountain that is proud to have the name of "Witches' Sabbath".
Adyr-Su valley Central Caucasus
Adir-Su valley begins from Verkhniy Baksan village in Baksan valley, comes to the north to Ullutau and Dzhajlyk camps 10 km after. Caucasus - Adyl-Su valley panorama

Far Caucasus in solo style with reflection of a mystery of Russian soul.
First speedy Russian chempionship in Mountaineering.

To be continued...

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