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Extreme project - ski descent from USHBA!!.

Ushba ski extreme descent - 99.
Ski - snow-board action in Central Caucasus.
1. The Main unique informative event - ski descent from Ushba - 4 variants or combination
- Ski route No 1. North summit via the snow "Knife" and then upon snow - ice North-West slope directly down
- Ski route No 2. North summit via the snow "Knife" and then along the normal route
- Ski route No 3. In the North-West side from the saddle of Ushba down along the wide snow coloir.
- Ski route No 4. To the east side. Along snow coloir with the back ground of the famous Ushba' "Mirror"
2. Second informative event - ski descent along the "Seven" shape ice-fall of the North face of Mt. Donguz-Orun.
3. Third informative event - ski descent from the summit of West Elbrus peak - the highest point of Europe - 5642 m with the landing of helicopter to the top.
4. Training descent in Adyl-Su valley along the North face of Mt. Jantugan

How much time? Using helicopter - it's necessary to plane to spent not less then three weeks to make the most part of this project.

Plane and helicopter use.
1.To use helicopter for flight and landing to Ushba region, Elbrus summit and Donguz-Orun.
2. To use helicopter for video and photo shooting of all extreme events in action - extreme ski descent and sky-dive jump. The action of landing helicopter to mountains and jump out with ski and/or snow-board from it is specially best viewed in video and photo.
3. To use plane Po-2 model for flying around all Central Caucasus region to have video panorama of region and photos, specially in sun rise or sun set magic light.

The most porpoise - During all events to make photo and video shooting with the following using all materials.

The way to use photo and video materials after this action.
1. TV video and/or program.
2. VHS tape.
3. Multimedia CD-ROM or mixed Multimedia/Music CD-ROM.
4. Poster, calendar, news-paper and magazine publication.
5. Publication of special book about this project.
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