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Ushba ski extreme descent - 99.
Ski - snow-board action in Central Caucasus.
1. The Main unique informative event - ski descent from Ushba - 4 variants or combination.
Never before nobody even tryed , even think to make this unique supper extreme ski descent! It will be the first time and hardly repeated evere soon!!!
In order to have maximum different video and photo materials better to combine variants of ski descent from Ushba peak.

How to get to Ushba peak? It takes about 2 days via normal coming route along Shkhelda valley - about 6-8 hours to German bivouac and next day early morning climbing Ushba ice-fall - about 300 m climbing up in ice towers and ice-fall. It depends upon the ice conditions. In June the conditions of Ushba ice-fall is normally good. There could be only two three places, where it will be necessary to climb. It takes about 3 - 5 hours to climb up Ushba plateau.

On the way back Ushba plateau could be used for video and photo shoot.

How much time? Using helicopter - it's necessary to plane to spent not less then one week in the Ushba foot, including one - two climbing Ushba summit and ski descent via different routes.

Climbing normal route to North Ushba is not difficult. It comes from Ushba' plateau along not very steep snow slopes via so called snow "Pillow", that could be used for helicopter landing. There is 1000 m rocky Ushba "Mirror" on the background of "Pillow". The last 150 - 200 m - so called Snow "Knife" - is rather steep (about 45 - 50 degrees). The last step to the summit - is sharp snow crest with snow cornices to both side. Not difficult, but it's necessary to use rope for belay. It takes about 4 - 6 hours for good trained group to climb the summit of North Ushba from the Ushba plateau.
Equipment for climbing. Tents for bivouac in Ushba plateau. Good "a-la" Gore-Tex clothing. Boots like Kaflach, crampons, rope, ice-screw for belay and rope.
- Ski route No 1. North summit via the snow "Knife" and then upon snow - ice North-West slope directly down. This is the most logical and very extreme ski descent route, that comes almost from the top (about 4650 m) in the end of the North crest. Almost all ski descent down is "No Fall Zone", specially snow "Knife" in upper part before North crest. After snow "Knife" the route comes directly down along steep snow slopes, with some crevases in the middle. The last 50 - 100 m before snow plateau - is steep (50 degrees) slope with hard snow or even ice. It 's about 1000 m (!!!) altitude difference.
- Ski route No 2. North summit via the snow "Knife" and then along the normal route. After snow "Knife" via normal route - is not dangerouse. There is a possibility of landing helicopter in the snow "Pillow". and then to the Ushba plateau. It' s about 600 m altitude difference.
- Ski route No 3. In the North-West side from the saddle of Ushba down along the wide snow coloir. This ski descent route could be used as additional descent with extremely famouse and unique background of South Ushba touwer! This descent is not difficult and in the morning time not dangerouse. It could be ice and snow falls gere after 2 - 4 p.m. It could be about 400 - 500 m altitude difference.
- Ski route No 4. To the east side. Along snow coloir with the background of the famous Ushba' "Mirror". One ski descent with unique place and magic backgraund of 1000 m rocky face. It's about 200 m altitude difference.