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2. Second informative event - ski descent along the "Seven" shape ice-fall of the North face of Mt. Donguz-Orun.

To use helicopter to land in upper part of Mt. Donguz-Orun near to summit and from this place to make a unique extreme ski descent down via the snow upon glacier of "Seven" shape.

How much time? Using helicopter - it takes about one day of good weather to make this extreme. Without helicopter it very-very difficult to make good looking ski-descent after 6-8 hours climbing via very steep snow-ice on the crampons.

Mt. Donguz-Orun (4468 m) is a spectacular massif covered with ice and snow that rises up over 1500 m in the heat of Central Caucasus in front of Elbrus with really magical, the most difficult North face, colored in pink during sunset time, which attracts and the same time refuses climbers, and is traversed by the wide glacier with its unmistakable "7" shape form, which overhanging in front of Baksan valley - central and most popular valley of Elbrus region.

Last year in the first part of July we already did climbing up via the "Seven" shape ice-fall of Donguz-Orun peak. From the moraine it takes us about 8 hours climbing up. We started at 5 in the morning and get the point of upper part of the "Seven". It takes us about 2 hours to make a descent down via the "Seven" glacier.