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3. Third informative event - ski descent from the summit of West Elbrus peak.

Travelling around the kingdom of four- and five thousand meter peaks, imprisoned on ice, You can not miss the highest one. And it does not matter, which part of Great Caucasus to choose. You will be admiring with the view of rising up to heaven double capped Elbrus, towering in its majestic grandeur over lower ranges of snow mountains, inviting You to climb up.
Elbrus - the highest point of Europe - 5642 m with the landing of helicopter to the top.
Elbrus summit - is big plateau where is possible to land on helicopter. To make a ski descent from the West summit is possible to south and north way.
The normal route from the South side via Refuge of 11 is not difficult way for ski descent. The only trouble is - high altitude, that's why better to spent one - two days for better acclimatization in Bochki hotel 3900 m altitude. This time will be also good for acclimatization before ski descent from Donguz-Orun and also from Ushba peak.
To follow west direction from the West summit by ski - is more extreme way for ski descent. It's also comes via not difficult route, but climbed not often. This direction ski descent has not been declared never before.