First ice climbing competition in Moscow!

What a fun we have done.

Foto by Vladimir Rodionov and Vladimir Kopylov.
It was the first time in Moscow (20.12 1997) ice climbing competitions. During 17-18 01 98 it was the first Cup of ice climbing in Moscow.
As the object a high pipe of about 30 meters was choosen.
Mountaineering federation of Russia gets the interest to this event. On the photo - Vladimir Shataev.
The competition has two stages: speedy climbing with up fix rope and thechnical climbing with down fix rope. Any person could take part in this competitions.
Only a few could get the top of pipe in the first stage.
A lot of climbers get fall.
What a great view from the top of the pipe!!!
Some beatiful women also took part in competitions...
One of the women before the start...
Hey, men, have a look!
It was Alexander Kopylov (right), who made all this ice constraction upon the pipe. Thank him a lot!!!
It was the night get dark around when the technical climbing begane in the car light.
It was more romantic to climb ice in the night.
Night start - Alexander Abramov (right).
Next ice climbing competition hasl been in Central Caucasus Elbrus region in 25.02.98. Alexander Kopylov made again a pipe preparation.

To be continuade...