Western Caucasus.

The Western Caucasus includes that part of the Greater Caucasus that extends from the Marukhskiy pass to the west to Mt. Elbrus to the east. This is the favorite region of hikers and rock climbers. Only the peak of Mt. Dombay-Ulgen is over 4,000 meters high, and there are no large glaciers to speak of. The mountains have splendid rock faces in a very beautiful setting. The mild climate due to the nearness of the Black Sea, which is only fifty kilometers away, and the easy access, have favoured the rise of tourist facilities, which are concentrated in Dombay and Uzuncol.
Dombay region.
Dombay region - is a part of Western Caucasus. One jf the most popular region for climbing and Alpin ski.Dombay plateau is situated in a place where rivers Alibek, Amanauz and Dombay comes together forming Teberda stream. To the south towering a rock sculpture of "The slain Bison" - Dombay Ulgen group (4046 m) with the grandiose vertical rock face falling down over 1000 meters. Then further a rocky crest of Dzhuguturlyuchat group (3921 m) flying up over the flowering meadows and green forests reminding walls of the ancient Castle with towers. Mt. Ptysh (3520 m) which eastern crest looks like elephant's head and trunk. Bu-Ulgen (3910 m), Aksaut (3910 m), Kara-Kaya (3896 m) - all these groups present a lot of steep stone routs to climb. But obviously the most fascinating mountain of this region, dominating over Dombay plateau, is Mt. Belalakaya ("Mottled rock") which name related with a few 50 meters each belts of white quartz cut through West (700 m) and most popular north-east (1000 m) rock faces. From the north side its shape looks completely like Mt. Matterhorn in Alps.
Dombay region - is a part of Western Caucasus. One of the most popular region for climbing and Alpin ski.

Uzuncol region.
Uzuncol region is a part of Western Caucasus is situated half way from Dombay to Elbrus. By the highway from Mineral Vody through village Khurzuk to the source of Kuban river, it is here near crossing of two valleys: Mirdi and Kichkinecol where camp Uzuncol is situated. In spite of not too high altitude, this region has a lot of technically difficult routs to choose from. There is a rock bastion of Mt. Dalar (3979 m). Mt. Dvoyniashka (3843 m) rises up its double peak to the left of it. Further Mt. Zamok ("Castle") (3930 m) attracts climbers with the beauty of snow-covered summits and variety of combined routes.

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