Why with us?

  • We are Elbrus1 Adventure & Travelling Company, leading by Vladimir Kopylov, that has the main specialisation in organisation of any tours, trekking, ski-tour,free-ride, ice-climbing, canionig, horse riding, heliskiing and climbing in Central Caucasus - basically in Mt. Elbrus and Bezengi region.
  • We have o lot of experience in doing this business since 1990.
  • We have variouse climbing experience in Central Caucasus since 1982.
  • We are working ourself, not sending You or your Clients to another companies with different, may be not experienced or relaible staff.
  • We have double representative office - in Moscow and in Central Caucasus - Mt. Elbrus region.
  • We have good relation with Rescue Service of Central Caucasus, Elbrus and Shkhelda valley. Some of the Masters from this Rescue Service are working as our guides during more then 10 years.
  • We have long terms closed relations with local Administation of Elbrus region.
  • We have the best quality and quantity photo collection of Central Caucasus - Mt. Elbrus - Bezengi region, that is constantly publishing each year in the most prestige Russian Glance Magazines during the last ten years.
  • During the last 5 years we orginise Photo Exhibition related with Central Caucasus Elbrus - Bezengi in the Best Exhibition halls of Moscow and other Russian cities, including Elbrus region itself.

  • Our Main targets in Central Caucasus are - Mt. Elbrus (climbing, ski-tour, free-ride), Mt. Ushba ("Witches' Sabbath"), heli-skiing programs, Bezengi region trekking and easy climbing.
  • Our Main partners are from Japanees and Eropean (including Italy, Swiss, Germany, UK)

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